Anticipating the Nail Art
Trends of Summer

A round-up of the most popular nails from our Spring-Summer 2021 lookbook collection. From pastel and pop colours to abstract patterns, graphic lines and poetic waves, nail art is more on trend than ever.

Previously the domain of true artists, nail art is now gaining more and more fans. Originating from Asia (more specifically South Korea), it travelled to France via social media and has been at the forefront of the cosmetic scene for several seasons.

More than a manicure, nail art customises your hands. It’s a way of expressing yourself and affirming your personality or mood. In these troubled times, we’re also very attracted by its fun and frivolous side.

Extreme vs minimalist

Some people like to push this trend to the max with ultra-customised XL nails, but you can just as easily adopt a more minimalist look: a touch of glitter on a nude nail, one nail in a different colour or a coloured French manicure smile line.


Yes, you’re right, nail art requires a little skill and patience.

Your nails need to be clean, filed and buffed before you start. Don’t forget the base coat to protect the nail, and the top coat for lasting shine.

You need to use different accessories depending on the result you want: a sponge for graduated colours, stencils, stickers to place directly onto the polish, etc.

Ideal for fans of graphic patterns, our new nail art brush is ultra-fine for working with precision and creating intricate designs. The varnished handle is made from sustainably grown wood and the bristles are vegan. Let’s create!
Pssst: Don’t forget to clean the brush in nail polish remover every time you change colour and after use!

Colourblock manicure

This season’s colour palette is bold and bright. While nude tones are still indispensable, vibrant shades like our ultra-red Anémone, bright pink Peonie, coral orange Bird of Paradise and electric blue Ultramarine are making their mark on your manicures.



Prefer ‘less is more’? Opt for pastel hues

Avant-Garde French

In short, we miss a posh cocktail hour. It’s no secret that in the past year we’ve ventured into the taboo— i.e. wearing sweatpants to work. The purists might have a hard time embracing this look. Still, we can’t help but reimagine a refined French with bright and playful hues.